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"Listened to your new cd several times, Marlina - love your sound!"         

 - Mundell Lowe, guitarist w/ Andre Previn, Billie Holiday, Ray Brown, Charlie Parker.

"You swing, swing, swing!!"  Donald "Duck" Bailey, drummer w/ Jimmy Smith, Sarah Vaughn, Carmen MacRae, etc.

Originally from New York City via birthplace, Bayonne, New Jersey, Marlina plays solo, duo and combo in various musical situations -  concert or dance music, background restaurant style, or whatever the event calls for.  Her regular quartet consists of Marlina on guitar (with or without vocals), Richard Saunders on bass, John Fisher on drums, and either a horn or piano. Some of the players Marlina has either recorded or performed with: Jules Broussard, Danny Armstrong, Mel Martin, Richie Cole, Junius Simmons, Jeff Chambers, Eddie Marshall, Donald "Duck" Bailey, Si Perkoff, Eddie Henderson, Ylonda Nichols, Juanita Ellington, and Dave Black, drummer for Duke Ellington.  Marlina taught jazz ensembles and jazz and blues guitar at San Quentin Prison.  

Publications appeared in: She is featured in the book "The Great Jazz Guitarists: The Ultimate Guide" by Scott Yanow.   Marlina has a valid California Teaching Credential and has appeared twice in the book "Who's Who of American Teachers."  

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Marlina is a proud endorser of EASTMAN GUITARS.  All songs on the cd "My Love Waits There" were recorded with an Eastman El Rey Deluxe.  Super lightweight and hollow guitar with no feedback.

She is also an endorser of LunchBox amplifiers by ZT.  

****Please check out Marlina's original paintings at www.flickr.com/photos/129590935@N02/.        Giving back to the community is important to Marlina. "For almost twenty years, I have been taking my music into hospitals, prisons and other institutions. I started a non-profit organization called "Jazzheimers" which brought live jazz to people with Alzheimer's."